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Volume 440, Pages 1-132, 7 March 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 440, Pages 1-132, 7 March 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
Assessing the efficiency of Wolbachia driven Aedes mosquito suppression by delay differential equations    Original Research Article
Pages 1-11
Mugen Huang, Jiaowan Luo, Linchao Hu, Bo Zheng, Jianshe Yu
Evolution of emotional contagion in group-living animals    Original Research Article
Pages 12-20
Wataru Nakahashi, Hisashi Ohtsuki
Long negative feedback loop enhances period tunability of biological oscillators    Original Research Article
Pages 21-31
Kazuhiro Maeda, Hiroyuki Kurata
Coevolution of nonlinear group interactions and strategies in well-mixed and structured populations    Original Research Article
Pages 32-41
Lei Zhou, Aming Li, Long Wang
Competition, trait–mediated facilitation, and the structure of plant–pollinator communities    Original Research Article
Pages 42-57
Tomás A. Revilla, Vlastimil K┼ivan

Graphical abstract

The evolution of host defence to parasitism in fluctuating environments.    Original Research Article
Pages 58-65
Charlotte Ferris, Alex Best
On how role versatility boosts an STI   
Pages 66-69
Andrés J. Cortés

Graphical abstract

Comment on: An engineering thermodynamic approach to select the electromagnetic wave effective on cell growth   
Page 70
M.S. Ghuchani
A circuit-preserving mapping from multilevel to Boolean dynamics    Original Research Article
Pages 71-79
Adrien Fauré, Shizuo Kaji
Morphometric staging of organ development based on cross sectional images    Original Research Article
Pages 80-87
Aiko Kawasumi-Kita, Daisuke Ohtsuka, Yoshihiro Morishita
Comparing evolutionary distances via adaptive distance functions    Original Research Article
Pages 88-99
Yanir Damti, Ilan Gronau, Shlomo Moran, Irad Yavneh
Exploring the existence of better hands for manipulation than the human hand based on hand proportions    Original Research Article
Pages 100-111
Di Hu, Cai-Hua Xiong, Ming-Jin Liu
Basis of self-organized proportion regulation resulting from local contacts    Original Research Article
Pages 112-120
Mayuko Iwamoto, Daishin Ueyama

Graphical abstract

Determining whether a class of random graphs is consistent with an observed contact network    Original Research Article
Pages 121-132
Madhurima Nath, Yihui Ren, Yasamin Khorramzadeh, Stephen Eubank

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