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Journal of Heredity  
Volume 108 Issue 3
1 May 2017
Bill Murphy
Original Articles
Phylogenetics of Kingsnakes, Lampropeltis getula Complex (Serpentes: Colubridae), in Eastern North America  
Kenneth L. Krysko; Leroy P. Nuñez; Catherine E. Newman; Brian W. Bowen
Chromosomal Evolution and Cytotaxonomy in Wrasses (Perciformes; Labridae)  
Leandro A. H. Almeida; Lorena A. Nunes; Jamille A. Bitencourt; Wagner F. Molina ; Paulo R. A. M. Affonso
Chromosomal Mapping of Transposable Elements of the Rex Family in the Bristlenose Catfish, Ancistrus (Siluriformes, Loricariidae), from the Amazonian Region  
Ramon Marin Favarato; Leila Braga Ribeiro; Eliana Feldberg; Daniele Aparecida Matoso
Patterns of Diversity and Spatial Variability of beta -Defensin Innate Immune Genes in a Declining Wild Population of Tree Swallows  
Clarence Schmitt; Dany Garant ; Kathy Doyon; Nicolas Bousquet ; Luc Gaudreau ...
Phylogeography of the Small Indian Civet and Origin of Introductions to Western Indian Ocean Islands  
Philippe Gaubert; Riddhi P. Patel; Géraldine Veron; Steven M. Goodman ; Maraike Willsch ...
Quaternary Vicariance of Lotic Coeliccia in the Ryukyu-Taiwan Islands Contrasted with Lentic Copera  
Soichi Osozawa; Fumiyasu Sato ; John Wakabayashi
Up and Down the Blind Alley: Population Divergence with Scant Gene Flow in an Endangered Tropical Lineage of Andean Palms (Ceroxylon quindiuense Clade: Ceroxyloideae)  
María José Sanín; Patricia Zapata; Jean-Christophe Pintaud; Gloria Galeano ; Adriana Bohórquez ...
Mating System and Genetic Structure Across All Known Populations of Dyckia brevifolia: A Clonal, Endemic, and Endangered Rheophyte Bromeliad  
Juliana Marcia Rogalski; Ademir Reis; Marcelo Rogalski; Tiago Montagna ; Maurício Sedrez dos Reis
Identification of the Submergence Tolerance QTL Come Quick Drowning1 (CQD1) in Arabidopsis thaliana  
Melis Akman; Rogier Kleine ; Peter H. van Tienderen; Eric M. Schranz
Response to Selection in Finite Locus Models with Nonadditive Effects  
Hadi Esfandyari; Mark Henryon ; Peer Berg; Jørn Rind Thomasen ; Piter Bijma ...
Brief Communication
Unstable Linkage of Molecular Markers with Sex Determination Gene in Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.)  
Aleksandr V. Podlesnykh; Vladimir A. Brykov; Andrey D. Kukhlevsky
Letters To The Editor
One Species Hypothesis to Rule Them All: Consistency Is Essential to Delimitate Species  
Erwan Delrieu-Trottin; Kang-Ning Shen; Chih-Wei Chang; Philippe Borsa
Response to Delrieu-Trottin et al.: Hybrids, Color Variants and the Consistently Devilish Taxonomy of Pygmy Angelfishes  
Joseph D. DiBattista; Michelle R. Gaither; Jean-Paul A. Hobbs; Luiz A. Rocha ; Brian W. Bowen
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