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Volume 684, Pages 1-164, 5 Febr= uary 2019


Editorial = Board =20
Pages i-ii
Available Online 20= 18-12-06
Review papers
Kinesins i= n MAPK cascade: How kinesin motors are involved in the MAPK pathway? =20
Pages 1-9
Available Online 20= 18-10-17
Ya-Jing Liang= , Wan-Xi Yang

Graphical abstract=


Multiple f= unctions of Ikaros in hematological malignancies, solid tumor and autoimmun= e diseases =20
Pages 47-52 Available Online 20= 18-10-22
Qiuni Chen, Y= uye Shi, Yue Chen, Tingting Ji, Yunjie Li, Liang Yu
Genetic ep= idemiology of ovarian cancer in the 22 Arab countries: A systematic review<= /span> =20
Pages 154-164 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-22
Nadin Younes,= Hatem Zayed
Research Papers
Role of th= e smallish gene during Drosophila eye development =20
Pages 10-19 Available Online 20= 18-10-22
Ryo Tanaka, S= eiji Miyata, Masamitsu Yamaguchi, Hideki Yoshida
Identifica= tion of mapk gene family in Lateolabrax maculatus and their e= xpression profiles in response to hypoxia and salinity challenges =20
Pages 20-29 Available Online 20= 18-10-15
Yuan Tian, Ha= ishen Wen, Xin Qi, Xiaoyan Zhang, Yun Li
A molecula= r basis for the synergy between 17=E2=80=91allylamino=E2=80=9117=E2=80=91de= methoxy geldanamycin with Capecitabine and Irinotecan in human colorectal c= ancer cells through VEFG and MMP-9 gene expression =20
Pages 30-38 Available Online 20= 18-10-11
Shima Zeynali= -Moghaddam, Mahshid Mohammadian, Fatemeh Kheradmand, Anahita Fathi-Azarbayj= ani, Yousef Rasmi, Omid Esna-Ashari, Hassan Malekinejad
Competitiv= e regulation by transcription factors and DNA methylation in the bovine = SIRT5 promoter: Roles of E2F4 and KLF6 =20
Pages 39-46 Available Online 20= 18-10-22
Jieyun Hong, = Xiaoyu Wang, Chugang Mei, Linsen Zan
Molecular = characterization of small indigenous fish species (SIS) of Bangladesh throu= gh DNA barcodes =20
Pages 53-57 Available Online 20= 18-10-22
Md. Sagir Ahm= ed, Md. Miraj Kobad Chowdhury, Luthfun Nahar
Characteri= zation of quorum sensing genes and N-acyl homoserine lactones in = Citrobacter amalonaticus strain YG6 =20
Pages 58-69 Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Heng-Leong Kh= er, Thiba Krishnan, Vengadesh Letchumanan, Kar-Wai Hong, Kah-Yan How, Learn= -Han Lee, Kok-Keng Tee, Wai-Fong Yin, Kok-Gan Chan
Both male = and female gamete generating cells produce processed pseudogenes in the hum= an genome =20
Pages 70-75 Available Online 20= 18-10-23
Vincent Maran= da, Fr=C3=A9d=C3=A9rick G. Sunstrum, Guy Drouin
Associatio= n of apolipoprotein A1 and A5 polymorphisms with stroke subtypes in Han Chi= nese people in Taiwan =20
Pages 76-81 Available Online 20= 18-10-24
Li-Chi Hsu, L= i-Sung Hsu, Tsong-Hai Lee
Identifica= tion of novel C-repeat binding factor (CBF) genes in r= ye (Secale cereale L.) and expression studies =20
Pages 82-94 Available Online 20= 18-10-22
Woo Joo Jung,= Yong Weon Seo
Long non-c= oding RNA THOR promotes liver cancer stem cells expansion via =CE=B2-cateni= n pathway =20
Pages 95-103 Available Online 20= 18-10-22
Zhangjun Chen= g, Zhengqing Lei, Pinghua Yang, Anfeng Si, Daimin Xiang, Jiahua Zhou, Norbe= rt H=C3=BCser
The putati= ve immune recognition repertoire of the model cnidarian Hydractinia symb= iolongicarpus is large and diverse =20
Pages 104-117 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-26
Alejandra Z= =C3=A1rate-Potes, Iv=C3=A1n D. Ocampo, Luis F. Cadavid
Enabling g= enome-wide association testing with multiple diseases and no healthy contro= ls =20
Pages 118-123 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-23
Jennifer Tom,= Diana Chang, Art Wuster, Kiran Mukhyala, Karen Cuenco, Amy Cowgill, Jan Vo= gel, Jens Reeder, Brian Yaspan, Julie Hunkapiller, Matt Brauer, Tim Behrens= , William Forrest, Tushar Bhangale
Over-expre= ssion of a protein disulfide isomerase gene from Methanothermobacter the= rmautotrophicus, enhances heat stress tolerance in rice =20
Pages 124-130 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-25
Xin Wang, Jie= Chen, Changai Liu, Junling Luo, Xin Yan, Aihua Ai, Yaohui Cai, Hongwei Xie= , Xia Ding, Xiaojue Peng
Transcript= ome analysis of callus from melon =20
Pages 131-138 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Huijun Zhang,= Jinfeng Chen, Fei Zhang, Yunxian Song
LINC015= 85 functions as a regulator of gene expression by the CAMP/CREB signali= ng pathway in breast cancer =20
Pages 139-148 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-23
Rui Ma, Xiaom= ing Zhai, Xun Zhu, Liyuan Zhang
Analysis o= f UB and L40, related to deltamethrin stress in the diamondba= ck moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) =20
Pages 149-153 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-06
Xiaoli Ying, = Qingping Chi, Mengying Ge, Yahui Liu, Lu Chen, Fengliang Li, Luogen Cheng

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