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Volume 683, Pages 1-262, 30 Jan= uary 2019


Editorial = Board =20
Pages i-ii
Available Online 20= 18-11-03
Review papers
Phyto-miRN= A: A molecule with beneficial abilities for plant biotechnology =20
Pages 28-34 Available Online 20= 18-10-02
M. Sabzehzari= , M.R. Naghavi
Genomic al= terations driving psoriasis pathogenesis =20
Pages 61-71 Available Online 20= 18-10-01
S. Singh, D. = Pradhan, P. Puri, V. Ramesh, S. Aggarwal, A. Nayek, A.K. Jain
Research Papers
Evolutiona= ry distribution of deoxynucleoside 5-monophosphate N-glycosidase, DN= PH1 =20
Pages 1-11
Available Online 20= 18-10-06
T=C3=B5nu Rei= ntamm, Nele Aas-Valleriani, Merike Kelve
Mutations = in the HFE gene can be associated with increased lung disease severi= ty in cystic fibrosis =20
Pages 12-17 Available Online 20= 18-10-03
Daniel J. Smi= th, Kerenaftali Klein, Gunter Hartel, Claire E. Wainwright, Scott C. Bell, = Gregory J. Anderson, David W. Reid
Hydroxymet= hylation of protein-encoding genes in the testes involved in precocious pub= erty of Eriocheir sinensis =20
Pages 18-27 Available Online 20= 18-10-10
Genliang Li, = Hui Qian
Clinical s= ignificance of aberrant cyclin-dependent kinase-like 2= methylation in hepatocellular carcinoma =20
Pages 35-40 Available Online 20= 18-10-05
Ye Zhou, Xue-= ping Qiu, Zu-hua Li, Shuai Zhang, Yuan Rong, Guo-hua Yang, Fang-Zheng
Gene polym= orphisms in PROP1 associated with growth traits in sheep =20
Pages 41-46 Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Ugonna J. Eke= gbu, Lucy Burrows, Hamed Amirpour-Najafabadi, Huitong Zhou, Jon G.H. Hickfo= rd
LGR5 acts = as a target of miR-340-5p in the suppression of cell progression and drug r= esistance in breast cancer via Wnt/=CE=B2-catenin pathway =20
Pages 47-53 Available Online 20= 18-10-06
Shuai Shi, Xi= ao Chen, Hong Liu, Keda Yu, Yun Bao, Juan Chai, Hui Gao, Libo Zou
Isolation = and characterization of a germ cell marker in teleost fish Colossoma mac= ropomum =20
Pages 54-60 Available Online 20= 18-10-11
Ana Carina No= gueira Vasconcelos, Danilo Pedro Streit, Anna Octavera, Misako Miwa, Naoki = Kabeya, Raycon Roberto Freitas Garcia, Daniel Antonio Rotili, Goro Yoshizak= i
Expression= analysis and characterization of zglp1 in the Chinese tongue sole (= Cynoglossus semilaevis) =20
Pages 72-79 Available Online 20= 18-10-09
Zhongdian Don= g, Ning Zhang, Yang Liu, Wenteng Xu, Zhongkai Cui, Changwei Shao, Songlin C= hen
Expression= profile and potential functional differentiation of the Speedy/RINGO famil= y in mice =20
Pages 80-86 Available Online 20= 18-10-11
HongMei Wang,= WenFei Dong, Liang Wang
miR-323-3p= regulates the steroidogenesis and cell apoptosis in polycystic ovary syndr= ome (PCOS) by targeting IGF-1 =20
Pages 87-100 Available Online 20= 18-10-06
Tianjuan Wang= , Yajing Liu, Mingrong Lv, Qiong Xing, Zhiguo Zhang, Xiaojin He, Yuping Xu,= Zhaolian Wei, Yunxia Cao
Light-enha= nced expression of Carbonic Anhydrase 4-like supports shell formation in th= e fluted giant clam Tridacna squamosa =20
Pages 101-112 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-11
Shit F. Chew,= Clarissa Z.Y. Koh, Kum C. Hiong, Celine Y.L. Choo, Wai P. Wong, Mei L. Neo= , Yuen K. Ip
Origin and= roles of a novel copper-zinc superoxide dismutase (CuZnSOD) gene fr= om the harmful dinoflagellate Prorocentrum minimum =20
Pages 113-122 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-07
Hui Wang, Sof= ia Abassi, Jang-Seu Ki
Identifica= tion of several key genes by microarray data analysis of bovine mammary gla= nd epithelial cells challenged with Escherichia coli and Staphylo= coccus aureus =20
Pages 123-132 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-03
Huansheng Han=
Is the pro= tection of photosynthesis related to the mechanism of quinclorac resistance= in Echinochloa crus-galli var. zelayensis? =20
Pages 133-148 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-11
Yuan Gao, Xuk= un Pan, Xutao Sun, Jun Li, Liyao Dong

Graphical abstract=


Haplotypes= in vitamin D receptor gene encode risk in diabetic nephropathy =20
Pages 149-152 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-11
Farideh Razi,= Marzieh Arshadi Meshkani, Fariba Zarrabi, Maryam Sadr, Saeedeh Asgarbeik, = Fatemeh Bandarian, Katayoon Forouzanfar, Mahsa Mohammad Amoli
Genetic an= alysis of 12 X-STRs for forensic purposes in Liaoning Manchu population fro= m China =20
Pages 153-158 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-13
Jiaxin Xing, = Atif Adnan, Allah Rakha, Kadirya Kasim, Anam Noor, Jinfeng Xuan, Xicen Zhan= g, Jun Yao, Dennis McNevin, Baojie Wang
Compositio= nal properties and codon usage of TP73 gene family =20
Pages 159-168 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Parvin A. Bar= bhuiya, Arif Uddin, Supriyo Chakraborty
Expression= and putative functions of KIFC1 for nuclear reshaping and midpiece formati= on during spermiogenesis of Phascolosoma esculenta =20
Pages 169-183 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Xin-Ming Gao,= Dan-Li Mu, Cong-Cong Hou, Jun-Quan Zhu, Shan Jin, Chun-Lin Wang
Characteri= zation and expression of androgen receptors in olive flounder =20
Pages 184-194 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-10
Yuxia Zou, Li= min Peng, Shenda Weng, Dongdong Liang, Zhaofei Fan, Zhihao Wu, Xungang Tan,= Shuang Jiao, Feng You
Role of eI= F3a in 4-amino-2-trifluoromethyl-phenyl retinate-induced cell differentiati= on in human chronic myeloid leukemia K562 cells =20
Pages 195-209 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-16
Ge Li, Ke Wan= g, Yue Li, Jinging Ruan, Cong Wang, Yuejiao Qian, Shengqin Zu, Beibei Dai, = Yao Meng, Renpeng Zhou, Jingfang Ge, Feihu Chen
TBC1D15 af= fects glucose uptake by regulating GLUT4 translocation =20
Pages 210-215 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-11
Jia Wu, Danda= n Cheng, Li Liu, Zhengbing Lv, Kuancheng Liu
Recombinat= ion and purifying and balancing selection determine the evolution of major = antigenic protein 1 (map 1) family genes in Ehrlichia ruminantium= =20
Pages 216-224 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-11
Bashir Salim,= Mutaz Amin, Manabu Igarashi, Kimihito Ito, Frans Jongejan, Ken Katakura, C= hihiro Sugimoto, Ryo Nakao
MicroRNA-4= 31 affects trophoblast migration and invasion by targeting ZEB1 in preeclam= psia =20
Pages 225-232 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-11
Xiuhua Yang, = Tao Meng
Cloning an= d functional characterization of the Na+/H+ antiporte= r (NHX1) gene promoter from an extreme halophyte Salicornia brach= iata =20
Pages 233-242 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-16
Vivekanand Ti= wari, Manish K. Patel, Amit K. Chaturvedi, Avinash Mishra, Bhavanath Jha

Graphical abstract=


Morphologi= cal identification and molecular characterization of 18S rDNA of two hemiur= id trematodes (Lecithocladium cristatum Rudolphi, 1819 and Lecith= ocladium parviovum Yamaguti, 1953) infecting the greater lizardfish = Saurida tumbil (Pisces: Synodontidae) inhabiting the Red Sea =20
Pages 243-252 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-17
Rewaida Abdel= -Gaber, Dalia Fouad, Farid Ataya, Kareem Morsy, Sherein Maher
CircRNA ha= s_circ_0078710 acts as the sponge of microRNA-31 involved in hepatocellular= carcinoma progression =20
Pages 253-261 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-17
Binhui Xie, Z= henxian Zhao, Qingquan Liu, Xiaonong Wang, Zhenjiang Ma, Heping Li <= br>

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