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Volume 664, Pages 1-196, 20 July 2018 Gene
Volume 664, Pages 1-196, 20 July 2018

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  Gene Wiki Review
MYH9: Structure, functions and role of non-muscle myosin IIA in human disease    Review Article
Pages 152-167
Alessandro Pecci, Xuefei Ma, Anna Savoia, Robert S. Adelstein
  Review paper
Identifying causal variants at the interferon lambda locus in case-control studies: Utilizing non-synonymous variant rs117648444 to probe the role of IFN-λ4    Review Article
Pages 168-180
Anand Bhushan, Sreedhar Chinnaswamy
  Research Papers
Phosphorylated nucleolar Tau protein is related to the neuronal in vitro differentiation    Original Research Article
Pages 1-11
Concetta Federico, Laura Gil, Francesca Bruno, Agata Grazia D'Amico, Velia D'Agata, Salvatore Saccone
Knockdown of NUP160 inhibits cell proliferation, induces apoptosis, autophagy and cell migration, and alters the expression and localization of podocyte associated molecules in mouse podocytes    Original Research Article
Pages 12-21
Ping Wang, Feng Zhao, Xiaojing Nie, Jiewei Liu, Zihua Yu
Tagging SNPs in the HOTAIR gene are associated with bladder cancer risk in a Chinese population    Original Research Article
Pages 22-26
Xiang Wang, Wenying Wang, Qiang Zhang, Damin Gu, Ke Zhang, Yuqiu Ge, Haiyan Chu, Mulong Du, Bin Xu, Meilin Wang, Xu Lv, Zhengdong Zhang, Lin Yuan, Weida Gong
Characterisation and functional analysis of an L-type lectin from the swimming crab Portunus trituberculatus    Original Research Article
Pages 27-36
Zhibin Lu, Zhiming Ren, Changkao Mu, Ronghua Li, Yangfang Ye, Weiwei Song, Ce Shi, Lei Liu, Chunlin Wang
Isolation and sequence characterization of DNA-A genome of a new begomovirus strain associated with severe leaf curling symptoms of Jatropha curcas L.    Original Research Article
Pages 37-43
Sushma Chauhan, Hifzur Rahman, Shaik G. Mastan, D.V.N. Sudheer Pamidimarri, Muppala P. Reddy
Association of CYP3A4*1B genotype with Cyclosporin A pharmacokinetics in renal transplant recipients: A meta-analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 44-49
Cai-e Wang, Ke-Peng Lu, Zhao Chang, Meng-Li Guo, Hai-Ling Qiao
Metformin combined with quercetin synergistically repressed prostate cancer cells via inhibition of VEGF/PI3K/Akt signaling pathway    Original Research Article
Pages 50-57
Shuben Sun, Fanger Gong, Ping Liu, Qilong Miao
Dysregulation of fibrosis related genes in HCV induced liver disease    Original Research Article
Pages 58-69
Reham M. Dawood, Mai Abd el-Meguid, Marwa K. Ibrahim, Noha G. Bader El Din, Ahmed Barakat, Khaled El-Wakeel, Mohamed Darwish Ahmed Abd Alla, George Y. Wu, Mostafa K. El Awady
Comparative transcriptomic analysis reveals the mechanism of leech environmental adaptation    Original Research Article
Pages 70-77
Zichao Liu, Feng Zhao, Xiangrong Tong, Kaiqing Liu, Bin Wang, Lijiang Yang, Tiao Ning, Yanjie Wang, Fang Zhao, Dingkang Wang, Debin Wang
Prediction of citrullination sites by incorporating k-spaced amino acid pairs into Chou's general pseudo amino acid composition    Original Research Article
Pages 78-83
Zhe Ju, Shi-Yun Wang

Graphical abstract

Intronic antisense Alu elements have a negative splicing effect on the inclusion of adjacent downstream exons    Original Research Article
Pages 84-89
Mina Nakama, Hiroki Otsuka, Yasuhiko Ago, Hideo Sasai, Elsayed Abdelkreem, Yuka Aoyama, Toshiyuki Fukao
Validation and bioinformatic analysis of propofol-induced differentially expressed microRNAs in primary cultured neural stem cells    Original Research Article
Pages 90-100
Yan Li, Youtan Liu, Jun Fan, Quan Zhou, Xiuling Song, Zhiyong Peng, Zaisheng Qin, Tao Tao
Analysis of the microRNA transcriptome of Daphnia pulex during aging    Original Research Article
Pages 101-110
Jiabao Hu, Chongyuan Lin, Mengdi Liu, Qiaoqiong Tong, Shanliang Xu, Danli Wang, Yunlong Zhao
Expansion, retention and loss in the Acyl-CoA synthetase “Bubblegum” (Acsbg) gene family in vertebrate history    Original Research Article
Pages 111-118
Mónica Lopes-Marques, André M. Machado, Raquel Ruivo, Elza Fonseca, Estela Carvalho, L. Filipe C. Castro
Association of CACNA1C with bipolar disorder among the Pakistani population    Original Research Article
Pages 119-126
Madiha Khalid, Terri M. Driessen, Jong Seo Lee, Leon Tejwani, Asad Rasool, Muhammad Saqlain, Pakeeza Arzoo Shiaq, Muhammad Hanif, Amber Nawaz, Andrew T. DeWan, Ghazala Kaukab Raja, Janghoo Lim
Differential expression profile of long non-coding RNA in the stenosis tissue of arteriovenous fistula    Original Research Article
Pages 127-138
Yan Yan, Wen Ye, Qinkai Chen, Liu Yang, Li Zhang, Yu Liu, Xiaochen Zhou, Gongxian Wang
Identification of genomic ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporter genes and Cd-responsive ABCs in Brassica napus    Original Research Article
Pages 139-151
Xian Duo Zhang, Kai Xuan Zhao, Zhi Min Yang
Comparative profiling of differentially expressed microRNAs in estrous ovaries of Kazakh sheep in different seasons    Original Research Article
Pages 181-191
Manjun Zhai, Yifan Xie, Huihui Liang, Xiaoping Lei, Zongsheng Zhao
Association analysis on polymorphisms in WISP3 gene and developmental dysplasia of the hip in Han Chinese population: A case-control study    Original Research Article
Pages 192-195
Junxin Zhang, Moqi Yan, Yijian Zhang, Huilin Yang, Ye Sun

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