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Briefings in Bioinformatics  
Volume 18 Issue 6
November 2017
Bishop Martin
Benchmarking computational tools for polymorphic transposable element detection 
Lavanya Rishishwar ; Leonardo Mariño-Ramírez; I King Jordan
AlloMap6: an R package for genetic linkage analysis in allohexaploids 
Xuli Zhu; Huan Li; Meixia Ye; Libo Jiang; Mengmeng Sang ...
What is the probability of replicating a statistically significant association in genome-wide association studies? 
Wei Jiang; Jing-Hao Xue ; Weichuan Yu
Characterization of MinION nanopore data for resequencing analyses 
Alberto Magi ; Betti Giusti; Lorenzo Tattini
Rare variant association test in family-based sequencing studies 
Xuefeng Wang ; Zhenyu Zhang; Nathan Morris; Tianxi Cai; Seunggeun Lee ...
Robust logistic regression to narrow down the winner's curse for rare and recessive susceptibility variants  
Miriam Kesselmeier; Justo Lorenzo Bermejo
Indel detection from RNA-seq data: tool evaluation and strategies for accurate detection of actionable mutations border= 
Zhifu Sun; Aditya Bhagwate; Naresh Prodduturi; Ping Yang; Jean-Pierre A Kocher
Comprehensive characterization of tissue-specific circular RNAs in the human and mouse genomes 
Siyu Xia; Jing Feng; Lijun Lei; Jun Hu ; Linjian Xia ...
RNAEditor: easy detection of RNA editing events and the introduction of editing islands 
David John ; Tyler Weirick; Stefanie Dimmeler; Shizuka Uchida
miRNA'miRNA crosstalk: from genomics to phenomics 
Juan Xu; Tingting Shao; Na Ding; Yongsheng Li; Xia Li
Software Review
Unraveling chloroplast transcriptomes with ChloroSeq, an organelle RNA-Seq bioinformatics pipeline border= 
David Roy Smith ; Matheus Sanitá Lima
Opinion Note
Recording negative results of protein'protein interaction assays: an easy way to deal with the biases and errors of interactomic data sets 
David Alvarez-Ponce
Recent advances in sequence-based protein structure prediction 
Dukka B KC
Protein side-chain packing problem: is there still room for improvement? 
José Colbes; Rosario I Corona; Christian Lezcano; David Rodríguez; Carlos A Brizuela
Exploring and visualizing multidimensional data in translational research platforms border= 
William Dunn, Jr; Anita Burgun; Marie-Odile Krebs; Bastien Rance
A protein network descriptor server and its use in studying protein, disease, metabolic and drug targeted networks border= 
Peng Zhang; Lin Tao ; Xian Zeng; Chu Qin; Shangying Chen ...
A novel computational method for inferring competing endogenous interactions 
Davide S Sardina; Salvatore Alaimo; Alfredo Ferro; Alfredo Pulvirenti ; Rosalba Giugno
Opportunities for community awareness platforms in personal genomics and bioinformatics education 
Lucia Bianchi ; Pietro Liò
Bioinformatics in Latin America and SoIBio impact, a tale of spin-off and expansion around genomes and protein structures border= 
Javier De Las Rivas; Cesar Bonavides-Martínez; Francisco Jose Campos-Laborie
Critical evaluation of bioinformatics tools for the prediction of protein crystallization propensity 
Huilin Wang; Liubin Feng; Geoffrey I Webb; Lukasz Kurgan ; Jiangning Song ...
Systematic bias of correlation coefficient may explain negative accuracy of genomic prediction 
Yao Zhou ; M Isabel Vales; Aoxue Wang; Zhiwu Zhang
Next-generation sequencing data analysis 
Stadtländer Christian T K.-H
The genetic architecture of heterochrony as a quantitative trait: lessons from a computational model 
Lidan Sun; Mengmeng Sang; Chenfei Zheng; Dongyang Wang; Hexin Shi ...
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