Subject: Briefings in Bioinformatics Table of Contents for May 2018 Oxford Academic
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Briefings in Bioinformatics  
Volume 19 Issue 3
May 2018
MTGIpick allows robust identification of genomic islands from a single genome 
Qi Dai; Chaohui Bao; Yabing Hai; Sheng Ma; Tao Zhou ...
Statistical method evaluation for differentially methylated CpGs in base resolution next-generation DNA sequencing data 
Yun Zhang ; Saurabh Baheti; Zhifu Sun
Exploiting next-generation sequencing to solve the haplotyping puzzle in polyploids: a simulation study 
Ehsan Motazedi; Richard Finkers; Chris Maliepaard; Dick de Ridder
Evaluating approaches to find exon chains based on long reads border= 
Anna Kuosmanen; Tuukka Norri ; Veli Mäkinen
miRDis: a Web tool for endogenous and exogenous microRNA discovery based on deep-sequencing data analysis border= 
Hanyuan Zhang; Bruno Vieira Resende e Silva; Juan Cui
Transformation and model choice for RNA-seq co-expression analysis 
Andrea Rau; Cathy Maugis-Rabusseau
Plant genome and transcriptome annotations: from misconceptions to simple solutions border= 
Marie E Bolger; Borjana Arsova; Björn Usadel
Kinase impact assessment in the landscape of fusion genes that retain kinase domains: a pan-cancer study  
Pora Kim; Peilin Jia; Zhongming Zhao
Mapping morphological shape as a high-dimensional functional curve  
Guifang Fu; Mian Huang; Wenhao Bo ; Han Hao; Rongling Wu
Survey of local and global biological network alignment: the need to reconcile the two sides of the same coin 
Pietro Hiram Guzzi; Tijana Milenković
Sixty-five years of the long march in protein secondary structure prediction: the final stretch? border= 
Yuedong Yang; Jianzhao Gao; Jihua Wang; Rhys Heffernan; Jack Hanson ...
Comparing genome versus proteome-based identification of clinical bacterial isolates 
Valentina Galata; Christina Backes ; Cédric Christian Laczny; Georg Hemmrich-Stanisak; Howard Li ...
A review of connectivity map and computational approaches in pharmacogenomics 
Aliyu Musa; Laleh Soltan Ghoraie; Shu-Dong Zhang; Galina Glazko ; Olli Yli-Harja ...
Elemental metabolomics 
Ping Zhang ; Constantinos A Georgiou; Vladimir Brusic
Opinion Note
How the strengths of Lisp-family languages facilitate building complex and flexible bioinformatics applications border= 
Bohdan B Khomtchouk; Edmund Weitz; Peter D Karp; Claes Wahlestedt
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