Subject: Briefings in Bioinformatics Table of Contents for May 2017 Oxford Academic
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Briefings in Bioinformatics  
Volume 18 Issue 3
May 2017
Zisland Explorer: detect genomic islands by combining homogeneity and heterogeneity properties border= 
Wen Wei; Feng Gao; Meng-Ze Du; Hong-Li Hua ; Ju Wang ...
MuSERA: Multiple Sample Enriched Region Assessment 
Vahid Jalili ; Matteo Matteucci; Marco J. Morelli; Marco Masseroli
A high-dimensional linkage analysis model for characterizing crossover interference 
Jing Wang; Lidan Sun; Libo Jiang; Mengmeng Sang ; Meixia Ye ...
Detecting multi-way epistasis in family-based association studies 
Cheikh Loucoubar ; Audrey V. Grant; Jean-François Bureau; Isabelle Casademont; Ndjido Ardo Bar ...
Ontology-based annotations and semantic relations in large-scale (epi)genomics data border= 
Eugenia Galeota; Mattia Pelizzola
Impacts of somatic mutations on gene expression: an association perspective 
Peilin Jia; Zhongming Zhao
Cell subpopulation deconvolution reveals breast cancer heterogeneity based on DNA methylation signature 
Yanhua Wen; Yanjun Wei; Shumei Zhang ; Song Li; Hongbo Liu ...
Features that define the best ChIP-seq peak calling algorithms border= 
Reuben Thomas; Sean Thomas; Alisha K. Holloway; Katherine S. Pollard
Heterogeneous molecular processes among the causes of how sequence similarity scores can fail to recapitulate phylogeny border= 
Stephen A. Smith; James B. Pease
Template-based protein'protein docking exploiting pairwise interfacial residue restraints border= 
Li C Xue ; Joao P.G.L.M. Rodrigues; Drena Dobbs; Vasant Honavar; Alexandre M.J.J. Bonvin
Software Review
Novel in silico tools for designing peptide-based subunit vaccines and immunotherapeutics 
Sandeep Kumar Dhanda; Salman Sadullah Usmani; Piyush Agrawal; Gandharva Nagpal; Ankur Gautam ...
Interdisciplinary approach towards a systems medicine toolbox using the example of inflammatory diseases border= 
Christian R. Bauer; Carolin Knecht; Christoph Fretter; Benjamin Baum; Sandra Jendrossek ...
Literature-based discovery of new candidates for drug repurposing 
Hsih-Te Yang; Jiun-Huang Ju ; Yue-Ting Wong; Ilya Shmulevich; Jung-Hsien Chiang
Software Review
Analysis of metabolomic data: tools, current strategies and future challenges for omics data integration 
Alice Cambiaghi; Manuela Ferrario; Marco Masseroli
Opinion Note
Tensor factorization toward precision medicine 
Yuan Luo; Fei Wang; Peter Szolovits
Optimization of cell lines as tumour models by integrating multi-omics data 
Ning Zhao; Yongjing Liu ; Yunzhen Wei; Zichuang Yan; Qiang Zhang ...
A review of bioinformatic pipeline frameworks border= 
Jeremy Leipzig
Development of a cloud-based Bioinformatics Training Platform border= 
Jerico Revote; Nathan S. Watson-Haigh; Steve Quenette; Blair Bethwaite ; Annette McGrath ...
Optimization of cell lines as tumour models by integrating multi-omics data 
Zhao Ning ; Liu Yongjing; Wei Yunzhen; Yan Zichuang; Zhang Qiang ...
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