Subject: Briefings in Bioinformatics Table of Contents for March 2018 Oxford Academic
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Briefings in Bioinformatics  
Volume 19 Issue 2
March 2018
Evaluation of computational programs to predict HLA genotypes from genomic sequencing data border= 
Denis C Bauer; Armella Zadoorian; Laurence O W Wilson; Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance ; Natalie P Thorne
Identification and analysis of the human sex-biased genes 
Sisi Guo ; Yuan Zhou; Pan Zeng; Guoheng Xu; Guoqing Wang ...
Logic programming to infer complex RNA expression patterns from RNA-seq data 
Tyler Weirick; Giuseppe Militello; Yuliya Ponomareva ; David John; Claudia Döring ...
Visualizing and comparing results of different peptide identification methods 
Yassene Mohammed; Magnus Palmblad
A large-scale comparative assessment of methods for residue'residue contact prediction 
Qiqige Wuyun; Wei Zheng; Zhenling Peng; Jianyi Yang
A comprehensive review and comparison of different computational methods for protein remote homology detection 
Junjie Chen; Mingyue Guo; Xiaolong Wang; Bin Liu
MicroRNAs and their variants in an RNA world: implications for complex interactions and diverse roles in an RNA regulatory network 
Li Guo; Tingming Liang
miRandb: a resource of online services for miRNA research  
Seyed Hamid Aghaee-Bakhtiari; Ehsan Arefian; Pierre Lau
Predictive approaches for drug combination discovery in cancer 
Seyed Ali Madani Tonekaboni; Laleh Soltan Ghoraie; Venkata Satya Kumar Manem; Benjamin Haibe-Kains
Data-driven approaches used for compound library design, hit triage and bioactivity modeling in high-throughput screening border= 
Shardul Paricharak; Oscar Méndez-Lucio; Aakash Chavan Ravindranath; Andreas Bender; Adriaan P IJzerman ...
Genome, transcriptome and proteome: the rise of omics data and their integration in biomedical sciences border= 
Claudia Manzoni; Demis A Kia; Jana Vandrovcova; John Hardy; Nicholas W Wood ...
Computational modelling folate metabolism and DNA methylation: implications for understanding health and ageing 
Mark T Mc Auley; Kathleen M Mooney; J Enrique Salcedo-Sora
Computational modeling of brain pathologies: the case of multiple sclerosis 
Francesco Pappalardo; Abdul-Mateen Rajput; Santo Motta
A review on machine learning principles for multi-view biological data integration 
Yifeng Li; Fang-Xiang Wu; Alioune Ngom
What (not) to expect when classifying rare events 
Rok Blagus; Jelle J Goeman
Software Review
Design of RNAs: comparing programs for inverse RNA folding border= 
Alexander Churkin ; Matan Drory Retwitzer; Vladimir Reinharz; Yann Ponty; Jérôme Waldispühl ...
Bioinformatics in the Netherlands: the value of a nationwide community 
Celia W G van Gelder; Rob W W Hooft; Merlijn N van Rijswijk; Linda van den Berg; Ruben G Kok ...
Bioinformatics tools for quantitative and functional metagenome and metatranscriptome data analysis in microbes 
Sheng-Yong Niu; Jinyu Yang; Adam McDermaid; Jing Zhao; Yu Kang ...
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