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Briefings in Bioinformatics  
Volume 20 Issue 1
January 2019
OPATs: Omnibus P-value association tests border=  
Chia-Wei Chen; Hsin-Chou Yang
VirGenA: a reference-based assembler for variable viral genomes 
Gennady G Fedonin; Yury S Fantin; Alexnader V Favorov; German A Shipulin ; Alexey D Neverov
Integrating regulatory features data for prediction of functional disease-associated SNPs 
Shan-Shan Dong; Yan Guo; Shi Yao; Yi-Xiao Chen ; Mo-Nan He ...
Detecting differential DNA methylation from sequencing of bisulfite converted DNA of diverse species border=  
Iksoo Huh; Xin Wu; Taesung Park ; Soojin V Yi
Accounting for differential variability in detecting differentially methylated regions 
Ya Wang; Andrew E Teschendorff; Martin Widschwendter; Shuang Wang
AtCircDB: a tissue-specific database for Arabidopsis circular RNAs 
Jiazhen Ye; Lin Wang; Shuzhang Li; Qinran Zhang ; Qinglei Zhang ...
Systematic review regulatory principles of non-coding RNAs in cardiovascular diseases 
Yongsheng Li; Caiqin Huo; Tao Pan; Lili Li ; Xiyun Jin ...
Computational approaches for discovery of mutational signatures in cancer 
Adrian Baez-Ortega; Kevin Gori
Discovering cooperative biomarkers for heterogeneous complex disease diagnoses 
Duanchen Sun; Xianwen Ren; Eszter Ari; Tamas Korcsmaros ; Peter Csermely ...
Large-scale prediction of ADAR-mediated effective human A-to-I RNA editing 
Li Yao; Heming Wang; Yuanyuan Song; Zhen Dai ; Hao Yu ...
An account of in silico identification tools of secreted effector proteins in bacteria and future challenges 
Cong Zeng; Lingyun Zou
śMulti-omic' data analysis using O-miner border= 
Ajanthah Sangaralingam; Abu Z Dayem Ullah; Jacek Marzec ; Emanuela Gadaleta; Ai Nagano ...
Computational resources for ribosome profiling: from database to Web server and software 
Hongwei Wang; Yan Wang; Zhi Xie
Big data management challenges in health research'a literature review 
Xiaoming Wang; Carolyn Williams; Zhen Hua Liu; Joe Croghan
Pathway enrichment analysis approach based on topological structure and updated annotation of pathway 
Qian Yang; Shuyuan Wang; Enyu Dai; Shunheng Zhou ; Dianming Liu ...
A comparative study of rank aggregation methods for partial and top ranked lists in genomic applications border=  
Xue Li; Xinlei Wang; Guanghua Xiao
Facilitating prediction of adverse drug reactions by using knowledge graphs and multi-label learning models 
Emir Muñoz; Vít Nová─Źek; Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche
MetSigDis: a manually curated resource for the metabolic signatures of diseases 
Liang Cheng; Haixiu Yang; Hengqiang Zhao; Xiaoya Pei ; Hongbo Shi ...
A broken promise: microbiome differential abundance methods do not control the false discovery rate 
Stijn Hawinkel; Federico Mattiello; Luc Bijnens; Olivier Thas
Systematic comparative study of computational methods for T-cell receptor sequencing data analysis 
Saira Afzal; Irene Gil-Farina; Richard Gabriel; Shahzad Ahmad ; Christof von Kalle ...
Federation in genomics pipelines: techniques and challenges 
Somali Chaterji; Jinkyu Koo; Ninghui Li; Folker Meyer ; Ananth Grama ...
Association score testing for rare variants and binary traits in family data with shared controls 
Mohamad Saad; Ellen M Wijsman
Identifying mutual exclusivity across cancer genomes: computational approaches to discover genetic interaction and reveal tumor vulnerability 
Yulan Deng; Shangyi Luo; Chunyu Deng; Tao Luo ; Wenkang Yin ...
Understanding the disease genome: gene essentiality and the interplay of selection, recombination and mutation 
Reuben J Pengelly; Alejandra Vergara-Lope; Dareen Alyousfi; M Reza Jabalameli ; Andrew Collins
Critical assessment and performance improvement of plant'pathogen protein'protein interaction prediction methods 
Shiping Yang; Hong Li; Huaqin He; Yuan Zhou ; Ziding Zhang
Comparative analysis of differential gene expression tools for RNA sequencing time course data border=  
Daniel Spies; Peter F Renz; Tobias A Beyer ; Constance Ciaudo
Web-based drug repurposing tools: a survey 
Elizabeth Sam; Prashanth Athri
Principal component analysis of binary genomics data 
Yipeng Song; Johan A Westerhuis; Nanne Aben; Magali Michaut ; Lodewyk F A Wessels ...
A comprehensive review and comparison of existing computational methods for intrinsically disordered protein and region prediction 
Yumeng Liu; Xiaolong Wang; Bin Liu
Advanced bioinformatics methods for practical applications in proteomics 
Wilson Wen Bin Goh; Limsoon Wong
Opinion Note
On the dynamical incompleteness of the Protein Data Bank 
Cristina Marino-Buslje; Alexander Miguel Monzon; Diego Javier Zea; María Silvina Fornasari ; Gustavo Parisi
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