Subject: Biosystems : Volume 174
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3D"Cover Biosystems
Volume 174, Pages 1-76, Decembe= r 2018


Editorial = Board =20
Page ii
Available Online 20= 18-11-29
Review Paper
A guide to= gene regulatory network inference for obtaining predictive solutions: Unde= rlying assumptions and fundamental biological and data constraints =20
Pages 37-48 Available Online 20= 18-10-09
Sara Barbosa,= Bastian Niebel, Sebastian Wolf, Klaus Mauch, Ralf Takors
Modeling t= he effects of insecticides resistance on malaria vector control in endemic = regions of Kenya =20
Pages 49-59 Available Online 20= 18-09-19
Josephine Wai= rimu, Faraimunashe Chirove, Marilyn Ronoh, David M. Malonza
Regular Papers
A novel bi= o-inspired optimization model based on Yellow Saddle Goatfish behavior =20
Pages 1-21
Available Online 20= 18-09-25
Daniel Zald= =C3=ADvar, Bernardo Morales, Alma Rodr=C3=ADguez, Arturo Valdivia-G, Erik C= uevas, Marco P=C3=A9rez-Cisneros
Multiobjec= tive optimization to reconstruct biological networks =20
Pages 22-36 Available Online 20= 18-09-17
Ahmed Naef, R= osni Abdullah, Nur=E2=80=99Aini Abdul Rashid
Classifica= tion of riboswitch sequences using k-mer frequencies =20
Pages 63-76 Available Online 20= 18-09-08
Hugo A. Guill= =C3=A9n-Ram=C3=ADrez, Israel M. Mart=C3=ADnez-P=C3=A9rez

Graphical abstract=


Short Communication
When is al= truistic punishment useful in social dilemmas? =20
Pages 60-62 Available Online 20= 18-11-02
Garrison W. G= reenwood, Hussein A. Abbass, Eleni Petraki

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