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3D"Cover Biosystems
Volume 173, Pages 1-334, Novemb= er 2018

Comp= utational, Theoretical, and Experimental Approaches to Morphogenesis
Edited by Abir U Igamberdiev, R= ichard Gordon, Vladimir G. Cherdantsev, Bradly Alicea

Editorial = Board =20
Page ii
Available Online 20= 18-12-11
Computatio= nal, theoretical, and experimental approaches to morphogenesis =20
Pages 1-3
Available Online 20= 18-09-29
Abir U. Igamb= erdiev, Richard Gordon, Bradly Alicea, Vladimir G. Cherdantsev
The public= ations of embryologist Lev V. Beloussov =20
Pages 4-6
Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Richard Gordo= n
Two ways f= or interpreting Driesch=E2=80=99s law: =E2=80=9CPositional information=E2= =80=9D and morphogenetic fields =20
Pages 7-9
Available Online 20= 18-09-14
Lev V. Belous= sov, Richard Gordon
Morphomech= anical rules of embryonic development =20
Pages 10-17 Available Online 20= 18-10-16
Lev V. Belous= sov
Morphomech= anical reactions and mechanically stressed structures in amphibian embryos,= as related to gastrulation and axial organs formation =20
Pages 18-25 Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Natalia N. Lu= chinskaia, Vladimir G. Cherdantsev, Alexander S. Ermakov, Nadezhda S. Glago= leva, Lev V. Beloussov
Professor = Lev Beloussov and the birth of morphomechanics =20
Pages 26-35 Available Online 20= 18-10-10
Alexander S. = Ermakov

Graphical abstract=


Local and = global dynamics in collective movements of embryonic cells =20
Pages 36-51 Available Online 20= 18-10-06
Lev V. Belous= sov, Tatiana G. Troshina, Nadezhda S. Glagoleva, Stanislav V. Kremnyov
Stress-gen= erating tissue deformations in Xenopus embryos: Long-range gradients= and local cell displacements =20
Pages 52-64 Available Online 20= 18-09-29
A.Yu. Evstife= eva, N.N. Luchinskaia, L.V. Beloussov
The need f= or a concept of shape homeostasis =20
Pages 65-72 Available Online 20= 18-09-27
Albert K. Har= ris
Origins of= the Embryo: Self-organization through cybernetic regulation =20
Pages 73-82 Available Online 20= 18-08-19
Robert Stone,= Tom Portegys, George Mikhailovsky, Bradly Alicea
Fluid mode= l of epithelial morphogenesis: Oscillations and structuring =20
Pages 83-99 Available Online 20= 18-09-28
Vladimir G. C= herdantsev, Elena G. Korvin-Pavlovskaya
Cell cycle= s during early steps of amphibian embryogenesis: A review =20
Pages 100-103 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-18
Alexey G. Des= nitskiy
Hyper-rest= orative non-equilibrium state as a driving force of biological morphogenesi= s =20
Pages 104-113 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-26
Abir U. Igamb= erdiev
Electromec= hanics of polarized cell growth =20
Pages 114-132 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-06
Andrei Lipchi= nsky
Increasing= complexity: Mechanical guidance and feedback loops as a basis for self-org= anization in morphogenesis =20
Pages 133-156 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-04
Denis Bredov,= Ilya Volodyaev
Epithelial= folding in the morphogenesis of the colonial marine hydrozoan, Dynamena pu= mila =20
Pages 157-164 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-21
Daria M. Kupa= eva, Alexandra A. Vetrova, Yulia A. Kraus, Stanislav V. Kremnyov
On symmetr= ies, resonances and photonic crystals in morphogenesis =20
Pages 165-173 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-14
Zhengbing Hu,= Sergey V. Petoukhov, Elena S. Petukhova
Evolution = as a search for organizational equilibrium =20
Pages 174-180 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-03
Mikhail A. Sh= ishkin
Nonlinear = calcium ion waves along actin filaments control active hair=E2=80=93bundle = motility =20
Pages 181-190 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-01
Jack A. Tuszy= nski, Miljko V. Sataric, Dalibor L. Sekulic, Bogdan M. Sataric, Slobodan Zd= ravkovic
Integratio= n of intracellular signaling: Biological analogues of wires, processors and= memories organized by a centrosome 3D reference system =20
Pages 191-206 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-08-22
Nadezhda Barv= itenko, Alfons Lawen, Muhammad Aslam, Antonella Pantaleo, Carlota Saldanha,= Elisaveta Skverchinskaya, Marco Regolini, Jack A. Tuszynski
Dynamic ma= ternal gradients and morphogenetic networks in Drosophila early embr= yo =20
Pages 207-213 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-10
Svetlana Surk= ova, Elena Golubkova, Ludmila Mamon, Maria Samsonova
Acquisitio= n and reconstruction of 4D surfaces of axolotl embryos with the flipping st= age robotic microscope =20
Pages 214-220 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-25
Susan J. Craw= ford-Young, Smat Dittapongpitch, Richard Gordon, Kyle I.S. Harrington
Gamma radi= ation-induced in vitro hormetic apogamy in the fern Pityrogramma = calomelanos (L.) link =20
Pages 221-224 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-08-13
Sudha Sajeev,= Jose Savio Melo, Smitha Hegde

Graphical abstract=


Continuum = modeling of mechano-dependent reactions in tissues composed of mechanically= active cells =20
Pages 225-234 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-26
A.A. Stein, S= .A. Logvenkov, I.V. Volodyaev
Cell diffe= rentiation processes as spatial networks: Identifying four-dimensional stru= cture in embryogenesis =20
Pages 235-246 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-29
Bradly Alicea= , Richard Gordon
The emerge= nt connectome in Caenorhabditis elegans embryogenesis =20
Pages 247-255 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-27
Bradly Alicea=
Morphogene= tic processes as data: Quantitative structure in the Drosophila eye = imaginal disc =20
Pages 256-265 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-25
Bradly Alicea= , Thomas E. Portegys, Diana Gordon, Richard Gordon
A solution= to the problem of proper segment positioning in the course of digit format= ion =20
Pages 266-272 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-05-02
L=C3=A1szl=C3= =B3 Pecze
Embryogeni= c remodeling of global chromatin and its role on structure of corresponding= lattice representation =20
Pages 273-280 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-27
Yukio-Pegio G= unji, Igor Balaz
A mathemat= ical model of the biochemical network underlying left=E2=80=93right asymmet= ry establishment in mammals =20
Pages 281-297 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-04
Catharine J. = Roussel, Marc R. Roussel
A general = framework dedicated to computational morphogenesis Part I =E2=80=93 Constit= utive equations =20
Pages 298-313 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-07-10
Pridi Siregar= , Nathalie Julen, Peter Hufnagl, George Mutter
A general = framework dedicated to computational morphogenesis Part II =E2=80=93 Knowle= dge representation and architecture =20
Pages 314-334 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-03
Pridi Siregar= , Nathalie Julen, Peter Hufnagl, George Mutter

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