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Volume 105 Issue 3
September 2018
Assessing replicability of findings across two studies of multiple features 
Marina Bogomolov; Ruth Heller
When is the first spurious variable selected by sequential regression procedures? 
Weijie J Su
Asymptotic normality of interpoint distances for high-dimensional data with applications to the two-sample problem 
Jun Li
Symmetric rank covariances: a generalized framework for nonparametric measures of dependence 
L Weihs; M Drton ; N Meinshausen
Shrinking characteristics of precision matrix estimators 
Aaron J Molstad ; Adam J Rothman
High-dimensional peaks-over-threshold inference border= 
R de Fondeville; A C Davison
Asymptotic properties of approximate Bayesian computation 
D T Frazier; G M Martin; C P Robert; J Rousseau
Variance estimation in the particle filter 
A Lee; N Whiteley
A structural break test for extremal dependence in beta -mixing random vectors 
Y Hoga
Asymptotic post-selection inference for the Akaike information criterion 
Ali Charkhi; Gerda Claeskens
A semiparametric extension of the stochastic block model for longitudinal networks 
C Matias; T Rebafka; F Villers
Local polynomial regression with correlated errors in random design and unknown correlation structure 
K De Brabanter; F Cao; I Gijbels; J Opsomer
Bayesian spatial monotonic multiple regression 
C Rohrbeck; D A Costain; A Frigessi
Covariate association eliminating weights: a unified weighting framework for causal effect estimation border= 
Sean Yiu ; Li Su
Targeted learning ensembles for optimal individualized treatment rules with time-to-event outcomes 
I Díaz ; O Savenkov; K Ballman
On Bayes factors for the linear model 
T S Shively ; S G Walker
Sequential rerandomization 
Quan Zhou ; Philip A Ernst; Kari Lock Morgan; Donald B Rubin; Anru Zhang
Amendments and Corrections
Amendments and Corrections: ˜Information-theoretic optimality of observation-driven time series models for continuous responses' 
F Blasques; S J Koopman; A Lucas
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