Subject: Biometrika Table of Contents for June 2018 Oxford Academic
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Volume 105 Issue 2
June 2018
Joint testing and false discovery rate control in high-dimensional multivariate regression 
Yin Xia; T Tony Cai; Hongzhe Li
Robust estimation of high-dimensional covariance and precision matrices 
Marco Avella-Medina; Heather S Battey; Jianqing Fan; Quefeng Li
On the asymptotic efficiency of approximate Bayesian computation estimators 
Wentao Li; Paul Fearnhead
Convergence of regression-adjusted approximate Bayesian computation 
Wentao Li; Paul Fearnhead
Adaptive multigroup confidence intervals with constant coverage 
C Yu; P D Hoff
Testing independence for multivariate time series via the auto-distance correlation matrix 
K Fokianos; M Pitsillou
A frequency domain analysis of the error distribution from noisy high-frequency data 
Jinyuan Chang; Aurore Delaigle; Peter Hall; Cheng Yong Tang
Bayesian precision and covariance matrix estimation for graphical Gaussian models with edge and vertex symmetries 
H Massam ; Q Li; X Gao
On the number of principal components in high dimensions 
Sungkyu Jung; Myung Hee Lee; Jeongyoun Ahn
Semiparametric regression analysis for composite endpoints subject to componentwise censoring 
Guoqing Diao; Donglin Zeng; Chunlei Ke; Haijun Ma; Qi Jiang ...
Design-based maps for continuous spatial populations 
L Fattorini; M Marcheselli; C Pisani ; L Pratelli
Theoretical limits of microclustering for record linkage 
J E Johndrow ; K Lum; D B Dunson
On edge correction of conditional and intrinsic autoregressions 
D Mondal
A non-model-based approach to bandwidth selection for kernel estimators of spatial intensity functions 
O Cronie ; M N M Van Lieshout
Bootstrapping volatility functionals: a local and nonparametric perspective 
Xin-Bing Kong ; Shao-Jun Xu; Wang Zhou
On the connection between maximin distance designs and orthogonal designs 
Yaping Wang; Jianfeng Yang; Hongquan Xu
Optimal pseudolikelihood estimation in the analysis of multivariate missing data with nonignorable nonresponse 
Jiwei Zhao; Yanyuan Ma
Asymptotic inference of causal effects with observational studies trimmed by the estimated propensity scores 
S Yang; P Ding
Uniformly minimum variance conditionally unbiased estimation in multi-arm multi-stage clinical trials border= 
Nigel Stallard; Peter K Kimani
Amendments and Corrections
˜Asymptotic properties of penalized spline estimators' 
G Claeskens; T Krivobokova; J D Opsomer
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