Subject: Biometrika Table of Contents for June 2017 Oxford Academic
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Volume 104 Issue 2
June 2017
Data integration with high dimensionality 
Xin Gao; Raymond J. Carroll
Automatic tagging with existing and novel tags 
Junhui Wang ; Xiaotong Shen; Yiwen Sun; Annie Qu
Instrumental variables as bias amplifiers with general outcome and confounding 
P. Ding; T.J. Vanderweele; J. M. Robins
An improved and explicit surrogate variable analysis procedure by coefficient adjustment 
Seunggeun Lee; Wei Sun; Fred A. Wright; Fei Zou
Ignorability for general longitudinal data border= 
D. M. Farewell ; C. Huang; V. Didelez
Bayesian nonparametric analysis of longitudinal studies in the presence of informative missingness 
A. R. Linero
Bayesian block-diagonal variable selection and model averaging 
O. Papaspiliopoulos; D. Rossell
Covariate-assisted spectral clustering 
N. Binkiewicz; J. T. Vogelstein ; K. Rohe
Sparse Gaussian graphical model estimation via alternating minimization 
Onkar Dalal ; Bala Rajaratnam
On the number of common factors with high-frequency data 
Xin-Bing Kong
Projection-based outlier detection in functional data 
Haojie Ren; Nan Chen; Changliang Zou
Testing separability of space-time functional processes 
P. Constantinou; P. Kokoszka; M. Reimherr
Multiply robust imputation procedures for the treatment of item nonresponse in surveys 
Sixia Chen; David Haziza
Construction of maximin distance Latin squares and related Latin hypercube designs 
Qian Xiao; Hongquan Xu
A general rotation method for orthogonal Latin hypercubes 
Fasheng Sun; Boxin Tang
Bias-corrected score decomposition for generalized quantiles border= 
W. Ehm; E. Y. Ovcharov
Nonlinear shrinkage estimation of large integrated covariance matrices 
Clifford Lam; Phoenix Feng; Charlie Hu
Improving the accuracy of likelihood-based inference in meta-analysis and meta-regression 
I. Kosmidis; A. Guolo; C. Varin
Assigning a value to a power likelihood in a general Bayesian model  
C. C. Holmes; S. G. Walker
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