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Volume 105 Issue 4
December 2018
Selective inference with unknown variance via the square-root lasso 
Xiaoying Tian; Joshua R Loftus; Jonathan E Taylor
A convex formulation for high-dimensional sparse sliced inverse regression 
Kean Ming Tan; Zhaoran Wang; Tong Zhang; Han Liu ; R Dennis Cook
A Durbin'Levinson regularized estimator of high-dimensional autocovariance matrices 
Tommaso Proietti; Alessandro Giovannelli
Statistical sparsity 
Peter McCullagh; Nicholas G Polson
A test of weak separability for multi-way functional data, with application to brain connectivity studies 
Brian Lynch; Kehui Chen
A test for the absence of aliasing or local white noise in locally stationary wavelet time series border=  
I A Eckley; G P Nason
Model-assisted design of experiments in the presence of network-correlated outcomes border=  
Guillaume W Basse; Edoardo M Airoldi
Wild residual bootstrap inference for penalized quantile regression with heteroscedastic errors 
Lan Wang; Ingrid Van Keilegom; Adam Maidman
A bootstrap recipe for post-model-selection inference under linear regression models 
S M S Lee; Y Wu
The change-plane Cox model 
Susan Wei; Michael R Kosorok
Transforming cumulative hazard estimates 
Pål C Ryalen; Mats J Stensrud; Kjetil Røysland
Integrative linear discriminant analysis with guaranteed error rate improvement 
Quefeng Li; Lexin Li
Continuous testing for Poisson process intensities: a new perspective on scanning statistics 
Franck Picard; Patricia Reynaud-Bouret; Etienne Roquain
Functional prediction through averaging estimated functional linear regression models 
Xinyu Zhang; Jeng-Min Chiou; Yanyuan Ma
Constructing dynamic treatment regimes over indefinite time horizons 
Ashkan Ertefaie; Robert L Strawderman
Principal ignorability in mediation analysis: through and beyond sequential ignorability 
Laura Forastiere; Alessandra Mattei; Peng Ding
Identifying causal effects with proxy variables of an unmeasured confounder 
Wang Miao; Zhi Geng; Eric J Tchetgen Tchetgen
Regression-assisted inference for the average treatment effect in paired experiments 
Colin B Fogarty
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