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Volume 35 Issue 17
1 September 2019
Identifying residues that determine palmitoylation using association rule mining 
Bandana Kumari; Ravindra Kumar; Manish Kumar
An accurate and powerful method for copy number variation detection 
Feifei Xiao; Xizhi Luo; Ning Hao; Yue S Niu ; Xiangjun Xiao ...
A simple convolutional neural network for prediction of enhancer'promoter interactions with DNA sequence data 
Zhong Zhuang; Xiaotong Shen; Wei Pan
SVIM: structural variant identification using mapped long reads border= 
David Heller; Martin Vingron
multiHiCcompare: joint normalization and comparative analysis of complex Hi-C experiments 
John C Stansfield; Kellen G Cresswell; Mikhail G Dozmorov
Inferring clonal heterogeneity in cancer using SNP arrays and whole genome sequencing 
Mark R Zucker; Lynne V Abruzzo; Carmen D Herling; Lynn L Barron ; Michael J Keating ...
MSC: a metagenomic sequence classification algorithm 
Subrata Saha; Jethro Johnson; Soumitra Pal; George M Weinstock ; Sanguthevar Rajasekaran
TOPAS: network-based structural alignment of RNA sequences 
Chun-Chi Chen; Hyundoo Jeong; Xiaoning Qian; Byung-Jun Yoon
Characterization and identification of long non-coding RNAs based on feature relationship 
Guangyu Wang; Hongyan Yin; Boyang Li; Chunlei Yu ; Fan Wang ...
MULTiPly: a novel multi-layer predictor for discovering general and specific types of promoters 
Meng Zhang; Fuyi Li; Tatiana T Marquez-Lago; André Leier ; Cunshuo Fan ...
Improved indel detection in DNA and RNA via realignment with ABRA2 border=  
Lisle E Mose; Charles M Perou; Joel S Parker
OLGA: fast computation of generation probabilities of B- and T-cell receptor amino acid sequences and motifs border=  
Zachary Sethna; Yuval Elhanati; Curtis G Callan, Jr ; Aleksandra M Walczak; Thierry Mora
Protein fold recognition based on multi-view modeling 
Ke Yan; Xiaozhao Fang; Yong Xu; Bin Liu
Best-first search guided multistage mass spectrometry-based glycan identification 
Yaojun Wang; Dongbo Bu; Chuncui Huang; Hui Wang ; Jinyu Zhou ...
Tracing the ancestry of operons in bacteria 
Huy N Nguyen; Ashish Jain; Oliver Eulenstein; Iddo Friedberg
Statistical force-field for structural modeling using chemical cross-linking/mass spectrometry distance constraints 
Allan J R Ferrari; Fabio C Gozzo; Leandro Martínez
KORP: knowledge-based 6D potential for fast protein and loop modeling 
José Ramón López-Blanco; Pablo Chacón
AllerCatPro'prediction of protein allergenicity potential from the protein sequence border=  
Sebastian Maurer-Stroh; Nora L Krutz; Petra S Kern ; Vithiagaran Gunalan; Minh N Nguyen ...
Large-scale analysis of human gene expression variability associates highly variable drug targets with lower drug effectiveness and safety border= 
Eyal Simonovsky ; Ronen Schuster; Esti Yeger-Lotem
ClusterMap: compare multiple single cell RNA-Seq datasets across different experimental conditions 
Xin Gao; Deqing Hu; Madelaine Gogol; Hua Li
PopCluster: an algorithm to identify genetic variants with ethnicity-dependent effects 
Anastasia Gurinovich; Harold Bae; John J Farrell ; Stacy L Andersen; Stefano Monti ...
DIABLO: an integrative approach for identifying key molecular drivers from multi-omics assays 
Amrit Singh; Casey P Shannon; Benoît Gautier ; Florian Rohart; Michaël Vacher ...
Characterizing and ranking computed metabolic engineering strategies border=  
Philipp Schneider; Steffen Klamt
Benchmark problems for dynamic modeling of intracellular processes border=  
Helge Hass; Carolin Loos; Elba Raimúndez-Álvarez ; Jens Timmer; Jan Hasenauer ...
COmplexome Profiling ALignment (COPAL) reveals remodeling of mitochondrial protein complexes in Barth syndrome border=  
Joeri Van Strien; Sergio Guerrero-Castillo; Iliana A Chatzispyrou ; Riekelt H Houtkooper; Ulrich Brandt ...
A network of networks approach for modeling interconnected brain tissue-specific networks border=  
Hideko Kawakubo; Yusuke Matsui; Itaru Kushima ; Norio Ozaki; Teppei Shimamura
Benchmarking time-series data discretization on inference methods 
Yuezhe Li; Tiffany Jann; Paola Vera-Licona
Comparison of statistical algorithms for daily syndromic surveillance aberration detection border= 
Angela Noufaily; Roger A Morbey ; Felipe J Colón-González; Alex J Elliot; Gillian E Smith ...
The interplay between microRNA and alternative splicing of linear and circular RNAs in eleven plant species 
Huiyuan Wang; Huihui Wang; Hangxiao Zhang; Sheng Liu; Yongsheng Wang ...
CMEP: a database for circulating microRNA expression profiling 
Jian-Rong Li; Chun-Yip Tong; Tsai-Jung Sung; Ting-Yu Kang ; Xianghong Jasmine Zhou ...
The ReproGenomics Viewer: a multi-omics and cross-species resource compatible with single-cell studies for the reproductive science community 
Thomas A Darde; Estelle Lecluze; Aurélie Lardenois ; Isabelle Stévant; Nathan Alary ...
Ordino: a visual cancer analysis tool for ranking and exploring genes, cell lines and tissue samples border= 
Marc Streit; Samuel Gratzl; Holger Stitz; Andreas Wernitznig; Thomas Zichner ...
Sstack: an R package for stacking with applications to scenarios involving sequential addition of samples and features 
Kevin Matlock; Raziur Rahman; Souparno Ghosh; Ranadip Pal
Crisflash: open-source software to generate CRISPR guide RNAs against genomes annotated with individual variation border=  
Adrien L S Jacquin; Duncan T Odom; Margus Lukk
PSiTE: a Phylogeny guided Simulator for Tumor Evolution 
Hechuan Yang; Bingxin Lu; Lan Huong Lai; Abner Herbert Lim ; Jacob Josiah Santiago Alvarez ...
ensembldb: an R package to create and use Ensembl-based annotation resources border=  
Johannes Rainer; Laurent Gatto; Christian X Weichenberger
Varanto: variant enrichment analysis and annotation 
Oskari Timonen; Mikko Särkkä; Tibor Fülöp; Anton Mattsson ; Juha Kekäläinen ...
SMuRF: portable and accurate ensemble prediction of somatic mutations border=  
Weitai Huang; Yu Amanda Guo; Karthik Muthukumar ; Probhonjon Baruah; Mei Mei Chang ...
SRG extractor: a skinny reference genome approach for reduced-representation sequencing 
Davoud Torkamaneh; Jérôme Laroche; Istvan Rajcan; François Belzile
AQUAPONY: visualization and interpretation of phylogeographic information on phylogenetic trees 
Bastien Cazaux; Guillaume Castel; Eric Rivals
PyLink: a PyMOL plugin to identify links 
Aleksandra M Gierut; Pawel Dabrowski-Tumanski; Wanda Niemyska; Kenneth C Millett ; Joanna I Sulkowska
TopoLink: evaluation of structural models using chemical crosslinking distance constraints 
Allan J R Ferrari; Milan A Clasen; Louise Kurt; Paulo C Carvalho ; Fabio C Gozzo ...
Deuteros: software for rapid analysis and visualization of data from differential hydrogen deuterium exchange-mass spectrometry border= 
Andy M C Lau ; Zainab Ahdash; Chloe Martens; Argyris Politis
SMARTCyp 3.0: enhanced cytochrome P450 site-of-metabolism prediction server 
Lars Olsen; Marco Montefiori; Khanhvi Phuc Tran; Flemming Steen Jørgensen
Streamlined analysis of LINCS L1000 data with the slinky package for R 
Eric J Kort; Stefan Jovinge
METACLUSTER'an R package for context-specific expression analysis of metabolic gene clusters 
Michael Banf; Kangmei Zhao; Seung Y Rhee
EBIC: an open source software for high-dimensional and big data analyses 
Patryk Orzechowski; Jason H Moore
DiffNetFDR: differential network analysis with false discovery rate control 
Xiao-Fei Zhang; Le Ou-Yang; Shuo Yang; Xiaohua Hu ; Hong Yan
KASPspoon: an in vitro and in silico PCR analysis tool for high-throughput SNP genotyping border= 
Alsamman M Alsamman; Shafik D Ibrahim ; Aladdin Hamwieh
A web application and service for imputing and visualizing missense variant effect maps border=  
Yingzhou Wu; Jochen Weile; Atina G Cote ; Song Sun; Jennifer Knapp ...
admixr'R package for reproducible analyses using ADMIXTOOLS border=  
Martin Petr; Benjamin Vernot; Janet Kelso
CluMSID: an R package for similarity-based clustering of tandem mass spectra to aid feature annotation in metabolomics 
Tobias Depke; Raimo Franke; Mark Brönstrup
RIscoper: a tool for RNA'RNA interaction extraction from the literature 
Yang Zhang; Tianyuan Liu; Liqun Chen; Jinxurong Yang ; Jiayi Yin ...
queryMed: Semantic Web functions for linking pharmacological and medical knowledge to data 
Y Rivault; O Dameron; N Le Meur
InterMineR: an R package for InterMine databases border= 
Konstantinos A Kyritsis; Bing Wang; Julie Sullivan ; Rachel Lyne; Gos Micklem
Efficient implementation of convolutional neural networks in the data processing of two-photon in vivo imaging border= 
Yangzhen Wang; Feng Su ; Shanshan Wang; Chaojuan Yang; Yonglu Tian ...
Functional data analysis for computational biology 
Marzia A Cremona; Hongyan Xu; Kateryna D Makova; Matthew Reimherr ; Francesca Chiaromonte ...
GlycanAnalyzer: software for automated interpretation of N -glycan profiles after exoglycosidase digestions border= 
Ian Walsh; Terry Nguyen-Khuong ; Katherine Wongtrakul-Kish; Shi Jie Tay; Daniel Chew ...
Expanded functionality, increased accuracy, and enhanced speed in the de novo genotyping-by-sequencing pipeline GBS-SNP-CROP border= 
Arthur T O Melo; Iago Hale
Inferring clonal heterogeneity in cancer using SNP arrays and whole genome sequencing 
Mark R Zucker; Lynne V Abruzzo; Carmen D Herling; Lynn L Barron ; Michael J Keating ...
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